Andy Roberts Guestbook. photo Credit: Paul Cary
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A huge thanks to everybody who
e-mails feedback.  It's really encouraging to hear your comments about your appreciation of Andy's music, recollections of gigs and the people he has performed alongside.

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Doug Siddons
Hello Andy, Forty years ago, yes it is about that long, I bought a copy of New Songs For Old Friends by Tom Paxton. As the record was vinyl when I turned it over there was this guy singing some great songs but he definitely wasn’t Tom Paxton. That album has always been one of my favourites and have played it to so many of my friends and aquaintances over the years and no one could identify the artist ( sorry if that offends) Roll on to last Saturday night and my local had a vinyl night which I took the album to and was relating the story of the album and some youngster who was technology savvy whipped out her phone and “shazzamed” it. You can only imagine my surprise when it identified Home at Last! Further web searches reveals that I have side 2 of Urban Cowboy !  I will do my best to get to the 3 boxes gig at the Hen and Chickens I’ve met Mark a couple of times when I worked at Picato Music Strings (Never played him the album though) All the best and thankyou for that album. 

Hello. Is a recording of Andy Roberts and Adrian Henri's 'Winter Song' available anywhere? I remember hearing this from a session on the John Peel Show and I'd love to hear it again and buy it! I think 'King for a Day' and 'Urban Cowboy' were in the same session. Can anyone shed any light on this I wonder? Regards

Al Gordon
My brother was a big fan of yours and as with so many younger sibs, I learned a lot about music from listening to his record collection. Which is how I discovered your music. Anyway, I have a recollection of listening to a piece on your records which was an instrumental, very organ driven and vaguely Tangerine Dream-ish (seriously!) - am I completely mis-remembering, and thinking of someone? I had recollected it was on the same album as the One-Armed Boatman etc which I think was Home Grown but the titles of the other songs on Home Grown don't ring any bells.  Help!  Lovely to see people still listen to your music. 

Alasdair Ogilvie
Hi Andy. Somewhere on your site I'm sure I found mention of photographs from a film of the Liverpool Scene in Victoria Park 1970 (can't find them now!) I was the cameraman filming some of this event and I'm just wondering if this is the same film? I would be more grateful for any information, such as who has the film? Many regards

Suzy McBride
Just come back from Liverpool after spending a weekend with my twin, doing lots of catching up!!! Loads of memories from years ago! Now trying to find a record player so I can play that old Andy Roberts L.P. from years ago! But I am gutted that i've just read that Plainsing will no longer be playing any more gigs together. I am a year too late!!! (the story of my life!) I suppose that's better than quite a few tears ago when I missed Plainsong playing at the Grantham Guildhall (probably the only decent thing they've ever had there) by one day 'cos I misread the Grantham Journal (off I went to specsavers for the long put off reading glasses). PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if EVER they do play any gigs again in the future could you let me know. The gig at Hove on the 28th September sounds like a good one (have I got the right date?) might have to have another weekend away!  Best wishes, Suzy

Paul Bryant
Hi Andy. If you have the time-consider paying a visit and maybe a gig here in Heidelberg in South Germany. Is a beautiful place-easy and quick to reach from say, Frankfurt. Been living here since about 25 years-know the place like the back of my hand-where to go, what to do and where to play, where not, when and when not etc etc. Me-I have been fiddeling about with and strumming wooden string instruments since about 35 years. So you got an "Agent and Fan" here who would be only too pleased to help you out if you do ever decide to come over and check the place out.Oh and I see the Wurzels (whats left of them) are still about-I was born in Taunton-say no more!. LOL. Keep Cool Paul.

Dave Besser
Hello Andy. Is it possible to get hold of a CD or mp3 version of the Incredible New Liverpool Scene album. I have been trying for many years.

Hello Dave. Thanks for getting in touch. The double CD set ‘The Amazing Adventures of .... THE LIVERPOOL SCENE’ released on eclec22138 in 2009.contains most of the band's output. Difficult to beat for sound quality and a fitting tribute to a great band. Early recordings HOLD BACK UNTIL ANDY COMES BACK FROM HOLIDAY....

Nigel Tannahil - Your Gretsch Country
Just wondering if the serial number is 39330. If so, I'm the one who sold it to Craig Bradley. A real beauty but I couldn't afford to keep it and my Firebird 7. Probably sold the wrong one.

Dear Nigel, Thanks for getting in touch.
Your Gretsch, which I think I know, is not the model I have owned since 1972.   Mine is a Cadillac Green 1962 Country Club, model 6196, ser. No. 47094.   I know it was bought new in 1962 by Chris Spedding, and he sold it in 1969.
Craig Bradley, at Top Gear, had a Country Club, which may well have been the one you talk about.   It was a Sunburst 1961, model 6192, with the same fixtures as mine.   I borrowed it for a time in 1972, and it led to me asking him to look out for one that was similar.   He called me a couple of months later to point me toward the one I still have now.
The type of Country Club we both had was introduced in 1960: Filter’tron pickups, roller bridge, triple bound neck and headstock and thumbnail inlays had been standard since 1958, but in 1960 the body depth was reduced to 1 ⅞ inches, and zero fret, padded back and mute control added.   This only lasted until 1963, when the body depth was returned to 2 ⅞ inches.
The 6196 (my Green CC) was discontinued in 1968.
You’re right that in 2013 you would have been better off owning the Gretsch over the Gibson!   That said, you can buy a Gretsch for £300-400 brand new that is in many ways as good as the vintage ones.   Just not as satisfying to own!

Tom Noble
I’ve noticed what appear to be counterfeit copies of the Everyone CD on eBay. Are there any chances of it being legitimately released? I understand it is not one of Andy’s favourite albums, but those of us who bought the original with ‘drop down’ front cover would appreciate it on CD. Cheers

Ian Whiteman - Spain
Fry me in butter if it's not your good self, the one and only Andy Roberts. Stumbled upon your web site in an idle moment whilst surfing on my Ipad. I hope you haven't forgotten the famous tour Roger Powell and myself did with you round the UK although it was well over 40 years ago. It was with Steeleye Span if I remember on a Sandy Roberton junket. Glad to see you are still playing after all these years. Don't worry we all have less hair! Hope all well. All the best from sunny Spain. Ian Whiteman

Henrie v.d. Brink - Netherlands
Hello Andy Roberts, I just wanted to say thank you for your great music in the early 70ties. A bit late perhaps, but better late than never J.  I’m listening (again) to Nina and the Dream Tree. This album had a big (musical) influence on me, played it very often (daily almost) for about a decade. But then, I moved out of my parents house, bought a CD’s player and when it was not cool anymore to play records I regrettably decided to junk my record player as a result I could not enjoy your Nina record anymore. The last time was almost 27 years ago.  But now available on CD!  Found that out just recently. Very happy I can listen to your great music again (I still have the Nina LP but still no record player to play it on -> Philips pressing). And the best thing after all those years, listening again, felt like an old friend finding back its way home. In my opinion the songs are real gems from my childhood and still belong to the best music ever made.  Now hoping my wife will like your music J I’ve just spotted a Japanese Nina CD pressing (24bit), perhaps I will get that one also !  Thanks again Andy for Nina and the Dream Tree,

David Nicholls
Andy, I imagine that you don't remember me but we were both in the choir at Felsted School. You may recall collapsing into childish giggles when we had to sing the words 'Bethlehems cratch' with Harold Last trying to keep us under control.  A few years ago (more than 10) I went to an OF dinner and had a chat with your brother who had turned up and I asked him to pass on my regards. I imagine he forgot.   I can see that you have become very well known in the world of entertainment and trust that you will continue to flourish.  Very best regards,  David Nicholls ( Gepps House Felsted 1958 - 1963)

Dave Cooper - Coventry
Just to say thanks for your words on Bubs. I met him when he moved to Coventry early 80's, where he contributed to a few years of legendary music sessions with "Quiet Riot". The body of work with Rob, 30+ CD's is a largely unknown treasure i think. There is a sampler here for anyone interested: He was a special and talented man and will be missed here. Kind regards (Dave provided a photo which you can see on the tribute page.)

Jack Berry - Sarasota, Florida
Hi. I hope you are doing well and had a happy new year. My name is Jack, I'm 16 and I'm from Sarasota FL. I'm a big fan of your music and I even have a copy of your record with the Liverpool scene. Partly inspired by your music, I made my own band too, we're called The Garbage-Men and we make all our own instruments from garbage and recycled materials. Here's a video and our website:            

I just wanted to let you know I like what you do and I also was wondering if I could send you the album cover to sign for me.  Let me know, thanks a lot.

Shay Mayhak
Dear Sir/Madame,   I have been looking for a very long time for a certain song from the 1994 film "Priest", starring Linus Roache and Robert Carlyle. Hearing that the wonderful Andy Roberts had scored the film, I searched for him and was led here.  The song can be heard playing in the scene titled "Recreation", in which the character Greg Pilkington goes to a gay club. I would really like to know, is that an actual song that I can purchase, because I would really love to purchase it, or is it just looped audio for the purpose of that scene?  And who sings it?  If anyone could please help me with this, I would be extremely grateful, as myself and most everyone who has seen "Priest" have been trying to figure this out for a long time. Sincerely

I don’t know who made up the name “Recreation” for that scene , but the music is mine.   The fact is that Priest was a pretty low budget affair, first made for BBC TV, and only later picked up as a theatre movie, after winning an award at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 1994. So when it came to the gay club scene, with a segue into the lovemaking immediately after, I decided to save money by writing a short club-style song that would fit the action, which I sang.  It was all recorded in my flat in Battersea, where I had a modest studio in the second bedroom!   I just used sung phrases to suit the glances between the guys in the club, “Touch me now, want your body, see me now, watching you”, etc.   If you listen closely you will find that the piano phrases that underscore both the scene before as Father Greg gets dressed, and the lovemaking afterwards, are melodically based on the song in the club. I’m afraid that the score for Priest was never made available on CD.   There were 2 quite different final mixes.   The first was for the TV film, made in the UK in early 1994.   Then there was an extensive remix, with a lot of changes, for the Miramax version which was finalised in New York much later that same year.   Miramax insisted on a number of cuts and changes to the film, mainly because they were less than happy with the gay story line.   The lovemaking scene in particular was far more graphic in the BBC original; I seem to remember that we cut around 35 seconds for Miramax, and I had to completely restructure the music as a consequence. Sorry that the music isn’t available for you.   Thanks for being so enthusiastic about the film.   I haven’t written a score for over 12 years now, which is a disappointment, as I always loved doing it, and would be still, if the jobs hadn’t dried up entirely! Best wishes,  Andy Roberts

Richard Saltus - Boston, MA
Hi Andy - For many years, In Search of Amelia Earhart has been one my most favorite albums and one I return to over and over; it's a magical Brit folk interpretation of American country, it seems to me. No amount of re-listening makes me less astonished at the brilliance of the vocals and instrumentals - and the songwriting.  But the highlight for me is always the amazing arrangement of "Louise," an often covered song but never like this!  It swings just a little bit and has the perfect tempo and balance of guitar parts.  Is this just two guitars and a bass and drums? Unbelievable richness of background figures and licks that keep changing. Is this you and Iain?  I've messed around with it in F, E capoed up 1, D capoed up 2, and can't quite sort it out. If you have any memories of that track and how it came together, I'd be ever grateful.  Thanks, and peace

Richard Tiplady
Hello Andy. Really enjoyed the Plainsong concert at Union Chapel a few weeks back and a bit sad if it really is the last one. Thanks also for putting out Urban Cowboy on cd at last, my own personal favourite AR album. I first saw you with Grimms in 1974, then solo at the Commonwealth Institute in 76 [sharing the bill with Cajun Moon and Gay & Terry Woods], in 78 supporting & accompanying Roy Harper, then with Viv Stanshall’s band later that year, in 79 it was with the Albion Band, in 89 with McGough & McCarthy at the Edinburgh festival, then with Plainsong at the Half Moon in 92 and, finally, Roger McGough again in 2006. That’s quite a CV of artists and concerts, and every one of them was excellent, please don’t retire!

Jürgen Wanda
Hello Andy, how are you? Thanks a lot for the wonderful concert in Lüdenscheid. It was a marvellous, magic atmosphere.  In the intermission my friend Ralf Westerhoff asked you about your records "Cut Outs" and "This is Andy Roberts & Tony Haase".  You said you could help him probably with one of those records and would send one item to him when returning home.  Unfortunately he hasn't got an e-mail address. So he asked me to contact you. Hope the e-mail address is right. Thanks a lot. That would be a great pleasure for him.  All the best wishes

Barry Eaton
For those of us lucky enough to see it there was a fond farewell from and to the band that turned me on to both Andy’s and Iain’s music all those years ago.   Thanks guys. We’ll all miss those harmonies! 

Plainsong - farewell
What a privilege to see Plainsong at Shrewsbury Folk Festival. You guys were amazing, I was really moved by the songs and your music, such amazing talent. It's so sad to think that this was the last time I'll see Plainsong. Thanks for all the wonderful music and lovely memories. All the best Andy, John Mitchell.  Ps, loving the new album!!

Tim Kay
Looking at your website it looks as though you’re thriving and having fun. I see from your gigs page that you are possibly going to be in Uttoxeter in May. The reason for asking is that I lived in Uttoxeter until we moved to France 7 years ago and I still have friends there and if you are going to be there, I might just take a trip over if the dates work out. It would be nice to see you if it’s at all possible. All the best

Martin Paul Raynor
Andy, Are you playing up north again after the gig in Leyand on 30th September  – I was desperate to come to that show but can’t make it!!!!

John Mitchell
A very special evening at The Everyman in Liverpool the other night. Great to see Andy along with Roger and Brian on stage providing such excellent entertainment. Can't wait to hear the session recorded with Iain Matthews. Any chance of a Plainsong tour? That would make many people very happy!  All the best.

Blair Helsing
Hi Andy, Hello from San Francisco. I've been a loyal listener to your work since the first Plainsong album. Just last Sunday I DJ'ed a radio show and included "Welcome to London Town" seguing right into "Substitute". That was a fun segue! Anyway, years back I found a video clip on YouTube of Plainsong performing "Bold Marauder" live. Absolutely fantastic. I've kept searching for it on YouTube but it's long since disappeared. So I'm wondering, is one of the versions of "Bold Marauder" on "And That's That" by any chance a recording of the performance I saw on YouTube?  I'd be delighted to have the audio of that version (although with the video would be the best). I've seen Iain performing live one time and I hope I have the chance to see you both in the future. Thanks for all the wonderful music!.

Alan Jenkins
Hi Andy, I nearly had a nose bleed the other morning, when I realised that it is 25 years ago, in October, when we put on that memorable gig at Chiswick Town Hall? I still look at the photo’s and other bits I saved and smile at the memory. Great site. Rave On

Pauline Fenton
Bliss. Just received the Great Stampede on CD. It is nearly 30years since I last heard it and it does not disappoint. The intro to High Time is sublime. It really stands the test of time. Thanks Andy, you are brilliant.

Paul Freedman
Hi Andy, great gig in Dorset last night. Hope you can come again soon.

Jenny Fenton
Hi. I just found your website and could hardly believe that here was THE Andy Roberts creator of one of my all time favourite albums. I have it here but sadly nothing to play it on. After reading the interview, I finally understand why that album didn't become the huge hit it should have been. Sorry I didn't keep up with your music after Great Stampede and maybe you don't view it the same any more, but I still love the lyrics to High Time and can just about remember the tunes to Kid Jealousy, Speed Well and The Great Stampede. Are there any recordings on youtube?  Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for the many hours of pleasure your music gave me.

Mike Lovett
I'm from Australia and I have the Amelia Earhart LP. Try as I might I have been unable to find anything else. The one record that I have is beautiful.  Is there anywhere I could get other LPs? Thanks.
Hi Mike. Amelia Earhart was the only vinyl LP. All the subsequent albums are available on CDs. Check out the Blue Rose website and Iain's own website for all the later material. (links on Link page) WEBWEAVER

Giorgio Grisoldi
My congratulations for the site. I've cd anthology JUST FOR THE RECORD. I'm italian and my english is poor. In your site, you've the section lyrics: I look for a few lyrics that missing. I would sing the song while listen it! I search CREEPY JOHN, BABY BABY, RADIO LADY, DON'T GET ME WRONG, SITTING ON A ROCK, RICHMOND, ELAINE, I'VE SEEN THE MOVIE and others. Can you add this lyrics in your section or write me this lyrics? In THE ONE-ARMED BOATMAN ANT THE GIANT SQUID, missing two verses. Through John Koerner fan, I've found Creepy John lyrics but Andy's version is different. Can you help me to complete?
Thanks Giorgio. I'll add the lyrics to the new updated website shortly and ask Andy to check out the lyrics. WEBWEAVER

Tim Toni
Here's a thing.  I just got inspired to have a poke around the net in search of Andy Roberts stuff. I first heard Nesmith's 'Propinquity' on an Australian release of Plainsong's 'In Search of Amelia Earhart'. It doesn't appear on any tracklist of the record I can locate online. I'm wondering if the album I had contained additional tracks from other Iain Mathews albums.  Some odd Australian variant release. More to the point, perhaps Andy never played on it. I'd be interested to know if you have the chance to drop me a line back. If he didn't, of course, then "Songs Of The Stars' takes its place as my fave of his musical contributions. Happy New Year btw

Jim Parrett
I realize that ‘Made in the USA’ is not popular with the band, being it is never represented in compilations or any  history of the band, but I love it to this day and play it all the time. To me, it is the hallmark of the group. The bass, the sound, the playing, the poetry – it is like the first step into New York. Pure adrenaline and excitement. It is a devastating step but it is a brilliant one. No one has captured that step like you did. Why is it not loved by the band?  Thank you.

Tim Toni
I recently helped fund a video being made in the USA by a "heartbreak & honky tonk duo" called Some Velvet Evening. They were raising funds via My contribution was sufficient for me to request them to perform a one-off song of my choice either live or via email attachment in return for the assistance.  They live in Michigan.  I live in Sydney.  I took the email option. What's this got to do with Andy?  Well, I requested they perform 'Songs Of The Stars' which they hadn't heard of -  they are a bit young, so it's a forgiveable oversight - however, they very kindly learned it ... they may even work into their permanent live repertoire.. 'Songs Of The Stars' remains my favourite ever Grimms song and could've been written specifically for SVE.  In fact, it comes second only to Andy's contribution to Plainsong's version of Michael Nesmith's 'Propinquity' as my fave work to which he's contributed .... is that the most grammatically tortured sentence of all time or what? ... I know, I know, perhaps not work generally regarded on the same level as the high water mark of 'Nina And The Dream Tree' but each to their own, eh?  More to the point, I hope you enjoy the fact that someone, somewhere's still singing 'Songs Of The Stars' as much as I enjoyed the fact they'd performed it for me. My very best.

Giorgio Grisoldi
Hi Andy. I've your cd anthology JUST FOR THE RECORD. I'm italian and my english is poor. In your site, you've the section lyrics: I look for a few lyrics that missing. I would sing your song while listen it! I search CREEPY JOHN, BABY BABY, RADIO LADY, DON'T GET ME WRONG, SITTING ON A ROCK, RICHMOND, ELAINE, I'VE SEEN THE MOVIE and others. Can you add this lyrics in your section or write me this lyrics? In this song, missing two verses where are dots. Can you add the lyrics?

Neil Mitchell
Now then Andy, I am very disappointed that the Lincolnshire leg of the "No Hall too small Roadshow" is destined to by-pass the true county of country, namely "Norfolk". There could be a mighty fine eastern reception awaiting at the "Blakeney Harbour Rooms" or how's about a floating gig aboard the 120 year old "Albatross" Dutch barge anchored in Wells-next -the -sea harbour. Seriously I can recommend the Blakeney gig and would love to act as local broker if you were interested - check out their website when you are out & about in Lincolnshire. Andy Fairweather + Low Riders played to a full house Hunstanton Prince's Theatre last year and the local population is still talking about it, I can just imagine if Brad & Hank rolled into town it would really capture the East Coast imagination and sense of humour.  I recently got hold of the golden age of Elektra 1963-1973 recently and was overjoyed to find that it features amongst other real gems "All around my Grandmother's floor" and "the true story of Amelia..." .We have not met since Stanmore, but I have been a regular visitor to your website and love & respect your work. All my best regards

Tom Fairnie
Hi Andy.   It was great to come across your name and check out your website. I am one of those who bought the Incredible Liverpool Scene LP when it came out all those years back and I have followed your career over the years. I also bought a lot of the Iain Mathews and Plainsong albums and what I think must have been your first solo LP. It was very interesting to read your comments on those recordings and times.  For my sins I am a singer songwriter and poet (although I do have a day job to keep the wolf from the door). I can say that all of those albums were a great influence on me and I really admired your playing. I will be back to check out your site (at a time when I’m not supposed to be working)… (This mail) was really meant as a small tribute to someone whose music had a huge impact on my own development. I just wanted to say thanks. All  good things.

Mark West - Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset
Thanks to you and Hank for a wonderful evening in Ibberton Village Hall. Thanks also for participating in my slightly mad scheme to send Walkers crisp packets (empty ones) to my friend Julie who is teaching in Africa. Thanks to your "parish notice" during the set, I collected quite a few. I promise to get photos of how she uses these things in her art classes and post them on facebook or something!    I had a surprise this evening, when I visited your web pages, I discovered that you are from Hatch End. I lived on the Uxbridge Road opposite the old Commercial Travelers' school from 1968-1973 and went to Harrow Weald Grammar School, where I met my wife who lived in Oakmead off Cedar Drive. We married at the Parish Church of St Anselm in June 1975. She would have loved your set too but unfortunately she had a grandson to babysit tonight. So anyway Small World. But rendered a whole lot jollier by you guys and your "Miserable Songs". I shall go away and find out much more about the two of you now.

Timothy Gouldson
Greetings and Salutations Andy, Quick question when you have a moment: did you play on the song "Mother" off of Is There Anybody Out There: The Wall Live 1980-81?  Thanks Mate

“Yes, that’s me playing the acoustic guitar on Mother.   Because the show was largely played to a click track to synchronise it with all the projections and sound effects, it was possible for both Snowy White and I to be included simultaneously in the mixes even though we were never in the band at the same time!   But I can recognise my own playing – Snowy is much more of an electric blues player, whereas I have always been an acoustic guitar specialist, so it made sense to use us both when the live tracks were mixed.   Of course in our respective years we both played all the second guitar parts, electric and acoustic." ANDY ROBERTS

Tom Noble
Just bought Nina and The Dream Tree and Home Grown on Japanese mini LP presssings. I assume they are legitimate and wondered if there was any chance of Urban Cowboy appearing on CD at some time in the future. Cheers

Andy says... "I’m happy to confirm that Tom appears to have bought copies of Nina and the Dream Tree and Homegrown produced by Strange Days in Japan.   These are official licensed copies, though I don’t recall which masters were used for these 2 releases.   There is also a matching release of Andy Roberts and the Great Stampede available on the same label. There is currently no version of Urban Cowboy available on CD.  

About 5 years ago someone bootlegged it and put out a crappy facsimile version badly mastered from vinyl, and that stopped me releasing it at that time as too many sales would have been lost.   As it happens I own the masters and the rights to this album, but because I leased part of it to Sanctuary for inclusion on the Just For The Record compilation it has only recently become available for license once again.    As it happens I had a meeting about it (along with several other topics) last Friday, and we may soon be looking to release it in its original form, for the very first time on CD."

JUST FOR THE RECORD - the solo anthology - 1969-76 | SANCTUARY | catalogue number CMEDD 1084.

Daniel Durack
Hi there,  Just wanting to send a note of thanks for writing 'Queen of the Moonlight World'. I heard it on the 'Gather in the Mushrooms' compilation and I can't stop listening to that song, it's just beautifully sublime. I'll have to try to track down a copy of Home Grown. Hopefully you'll do a show in London one of these days! Cheers, Dan

Giorgio Grisoldi
Hi Andy, I'm your italian admirer. I seeing that you make in 1984 soundtrack album LOOSE CONNECTIONS. I've found the tracklist but I don't know this album: is instrumentals song or not? If not, you are the album's singer? This songs is originals or cover?

[A] 1. Loose Connections 2. Ain't Just Stars(That Fall) 3. I'm Holding You Responsible 4. Living Apart Together 5. Got All The Woman 6. Happy 7. I Like Coountry Msuic [B] 1. High Moon 2. Ten Feet Tall And Bulletproof 3. Ballad Of The Teen-Age Queen 4. You Win Again 5. Night To Die.

Thanks for contacting Giorgio. Loose Connections is a nice album from the film of the same name. It contains a mixture of tracks, some vocal and others instrumental, written by Andy and others. Side one is all Andy Roberts compositions and Side two has High Noon (Tiomkin), Ballad of the Teen-Age Queen by Jack Clement and You Win Again by Hank Williams. The other tracks are Andy's songs. You can check out the track listing here...

Bob Piper
Andy, I found this site by google searching for Adrian's Re-entry of Christ into Liverpool. I used to follow The Liverpool Scene religiously if they played anywhere in the midlands, particularly at Mother's Club in Erdington, Birmingham. Fantastic nights, and Adrian was a legend. He always paid tribute to James Ensor before playing 'Re-entry' and it would get more manic every time you played it.

Nigel White - Cyril Davis 2
Glad to hear you are going well, have kept a watch over the years. I remember the Blues en Noir days, we had fun then. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that picture of us, I had forgotten about that and how smart we looked, that was rare! I don't play the blues harp much now, more guitar, but nowadays I leave it to my daughter, who is a seriously good musician and composer, she is working at Air Studios at the moment, doing some tracks for an Adidas advert, she is a composer for Boosey and Hawkes and has written a requiem for her late mum, look out for her, Helen White (Hazlitt). Anyway Andy, those where the days, was it innocence or just madness? Keep up the music making.

Matt Spence
My mother always said really good music should blow you away. She would say to picture yourself a leaf on a tree in the late fall, and suddenly a wind comes along and lifts you off the branch and you are carried away. Well I had never heard Andy Roberts prior to today whereon I stumbled upon some of his music on an MP3 Blog. I must admit I was saddened to find that most of his discography was out of print and commercially unavailable because it is a crime that more people will not hear this beautiful music that simply blows me away like that leaf at the end of the season. I thank him for the beauty, and will purchase the one CD that is available commercially post haste. Thank you for the peace, joy, tranquility and serenity embodied in your music. Namaste. Peace, love and energy.

Thanks for you guestbook contact Matt. However, several of Andy's solo CDs are available including Andy Roberts & The Great Stampede and Just For The Record - the solo anthology. You should also be able to get both Home Grown and Nina and the Dreamtree via the web from Japan. Good luck: webweaver

Paul Mackenzie
Went to Andy's gig at the Sound Gallery in Paris. It's a tiny venue - I think it doubles as the office of Karel who put on the gig. There were perhaps 20-30 people there. Andy performed without amplification. He played for about two-and-a-half hours with one short break. He ran through his musical career in pretty much chronological sequence with anecdotes about the many and varied people he's worked with. It was a great gig and it left me wondering yet again why he performs solo so rarely. SET LIST :


Barry Jackson
Hi Andy. Didn't really know you when I was in Rathbone Hall '68-70 (Electronic Eng) - but was friends with Ian D Young, Barry Meehan and of course Bill Rollinson etc. Glad to hear you abandoned Law and have done so well in the music world, and will make the effort to track your gigs down! I am still persevering with guitar but havent played to a (listening) audience in almost 3 years! Maybe we'll see you at the Wirral Guitar Fest one year? Good luck. Regards

Jo Quinn
Hi Andy. First saw you playing with Plainsong in Winchester in 2004 (I think!) I loved your bouzouki and acoustic guitar playing and went in search of your stuff, thankfully finding R20;Home Grown” . Then I find that you played with my “hero” Roy!!! Well, I suppose I wasn’t surprised ;0) Please do some gigs soon, I would love to see you live again. My band “Mary Jane”` have definitely “borrowed” from your artistry ;0) All the best Jo xx

Richard Lyson
I was at the gig at Quaintways gig in Chester by The Liverpool Scene in 1974; Mike Hart was on that tour, alongside Adrian and Andy . I also saw them on the same tour at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool where Mike Evans guested on "The Woo Woo". I got to know Adrian Henri around this time and met up with him again 20 years later at an exhibition in Liverpool. Always had time to talk to people. Ditto Andy! The Liverpool Scene once supported Led Zeppelin at a gig in London; (not once - toured with - WebWeaver) Adrian confirmed this to me; no doubt Dave Lewis ( ace Led Zep chronicler) will have details! PS does anyone have the dates for the 1974 tour. PPS let's get some of Andy's gigs onto Songkick!