Griff, Andy and Iain playing The Bell in bath on their tour of the UK playing the Reinventing Richard album.
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Significant Moments...

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Sor Henry at rawlinson End poster. 40th Anniversary7th December

Andy Roberts: A rare solo gig at The brunswick in Hove, 24th August 2014

Weyfest poster: 1st September 2013

Rumble on the beach - Brighton 25th August

The Spud Guns

Frome Ole Opry: Saturday 13 July 2013

High in the Saddle at Brighton festival.  Hank & Brad

Plainsong's new (and farewell) album, Fat Lady Singing.

Urban Cowboy

3 Boxes: Strings Attached

Young Roberts soloed on 'Tubas In The Moonlight' at Brighton's Komedia. May 2012.

SHINDIG music magazine

Nina and the Dream Tree




PLAINSONG: Following Amelia
cd ccover

2022 has been a remarkable year in the history of Plainsong. March saw the publication of Ian Clayton’s book, In Search Of Plainsong, which chronicles the formation of the band in late 1971, followed by its demise in December 1972. In July, Iain and Andy’s long time manager and producer, Sandy Roberton, who had helmed all of the Plainsong material in 1972, died unexpectedly after a short illness. Just a month ago, Cherry Red Records released a box set of most, if not all, of the recordings by the original band, with other supporting material. There is a 44-page booklet alongside 6 CDs of newly mastered material.
Short tour announced: This tour is a short outing in celebration of all of the above. Iain and Andy will be collaborating on songs from the In Search Of Amelia Earhart record, mostly reworked in 2020, along with other material from their shared catalogue, and some solo performances taken from their individual careers. Should be fun. Dates are on the 'Upcoming Gigs' Page.>>> [November 2022]


PLAINSONG: Following Amelia
cd ccoverExciting news for Plainsong fans, this 6CD Box Set has now been released.
118-track, 6CD box set from the legendary British country rock/folk rock band Plainsong.
Features a 50th anniversary re-issue of their 1972 debut album
‘In Search Of Amelia Earhart’, digitally remastered from the original reel-to-reel master tapes. This Box Set contains over 50% previously unreleased material, including: several rare 1970s BBC recordings, the full original 1972 Folk Fairport concert in Amsterdam, and excerpts from the very first concert by the reformed Plainsong in Mayrhofen, Austria in 1993.
Cherry Red pre-order page. [October 2022]


This afternoon I heard that Sandy Roberton died in hospital in London, yesterday. He was my manager, my publisher, my producer, and above all, my friend over 54 years. 
His is not necessarily a well known name outside of the music industry, but this linked biography, taken from his own business’s website, shows the breadth of his influence, over nearly 60 years of relentless good
work. I met Sandy in 1968, after he had made contact with us in Liverpool, asking if we wanted representation... s MORE OF ANDY'S TRIBUTE TO SANDY ROBERTON HERE.
[28 July 2022]


Will get together for an evening at Cheltenham Chapel Arts on the 27th March. More info on the 'Upcoming Gigs' page. (Amended 11th March to correct this gig date.  [February 2022]


Please Note – Coronavirus
Following the Prime Minister’s statement, advising the UK public to avoid unnecessary social contact, including in theatres, pubs and other venues etc., many upcoming shows are temporarily suspended with immediate effect. Please visit venue websites for more up to date information.  [March 2020]

DAVID GILMOUR'S 'SHITHAMMER/BRAD'S MARTIN COPY guitar goes to auction at Christies in New York
In 2014 Andy wrote a piece about an unusual and very rare Martin guitar (see a picture in the side panel left) he acquired in 1981. David Gilmour was so impressed he borrowed it from Andy and had a copy made. This BRAD'S MARTIN COPY will now go to auction in New York as part of David Gilmour's Guitar collection. Read more here about the copy.


Andy on Digital TV

Andy recently did an interview with local TV presenter Yaël Breuer for a programme called Extraordinary Stories. Extraordinary Lives. Extraordinary People. During the show Andy plays solo and recalls some moments from the early Liverpool Scene days.


[1st May 2019]


Ian McKellen

During the 60s/70s & 80s, Andy worked in theatre, notably the Liverpool Everyman and The Royal Court in London. In 1979 he wrote a song for Martin Sherman's play BENT the first openly gay play to appear in the West End. The play featured Ian McKellen. The play's setting of homosexuals and love in a Nazi death camp was shocking for many theatre-goers at the time and uncovered a previously little-examined area of Nazi brutality. We have added a page which contains photos of the production (courtesy of Ian McKellen's website - thanks Keith) and some of Andy's recollections from the time. McKellen is touring in 2019 in a celebration of his 80th Birthday. Read more about BENT HERE.

[15th December 2018]


Hank & Brad Breath at the Greys 10th DecemberSeasonal Gigs

Andy is busy in the build up to the Christmas Festvities with The 40th Anniversary performance of Sir Henry at Rawlinson End at The Bloomsbury Theatre in London on the 7th December. He's also in downtown Brighton with Hank Wangford & Brad Breath on the 10th at The Greys pub in Southover Street. And finally he will be seeing out the old year with Mike Berry and the Outlaws at the George Payne pub also in Brighton on New Year's eve (31st). More details on the Upcoming Gigs page.

CHECK OUT ALL THE GIGS HERE. [26th November 2018]


SAM SPOONS - Yet another musician and true friend passes

Sam Spoons (Martin Ash) drummer, spoonist (!) and all time eccentric from the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and it's later incarnations, passed away recently. Andy records his passing with a heartfelt tribute to a long term musical colleague and a good friend. READ MORE HERE [12th October 2018]


Last Tuesday, I heard from Mike Evans that Bryan Dodson had died.

When we formed Liverpool Scene in 1966, we named ourselves after the recent book, and for our earliest gigs we were a 5-piece outfit, with Adrian Henri, Roger McGough, Mike Evans, Mike Hart, and me.   Then Roger backed out because the Scaffold had revived their fortunes, and stardom beckoned.   We first added Percy Jones, who was a friend of mine at Liverpool University, on bass, and then in 1967 we found Bryan, and he became our permanent drummer. READ MORE HERE [11th March 2018]


Summer with Monika re-released

Roger McGough’s magical, iconic tale of love first released in 1978, is being re-issued to celebrate the 50th anniversary. The recent sold out readings/concerts have been a huge success and it is hoped more dates will happen next year. Stay tuned for more information. [1st July 2017]


'I spent the summer with Monika and Monika spent the summer with me'.

Roger McGough’s magical, iconic tale of love was published in 1967 and subsequently scored and released on record with music by composer and guitarist Andy Roberts. Now, for the 50th anniversary, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra’s new music group, Ensemble 10/10, will play Andy Robert’s original arrangements as McGough reads his epic poem, and will also feature more of his classic poetry set alongside other music.

You can see the dates on the Upcoming Gigs page HERE. [29th June 2017]


PLAINSONG TOUR of the UK begins....
Andy and Iain's tour of UK venues begins on Friday (1st July) in Whistable in Kent. The duo had a really warm reception on the States early in the year, playing material from REINVENTING RICHARD - the songs of Richard Farina. Mark Griffiths will make a welcome return to play alongside Andy and Iain for these UK dates.

A quote from the USA tour
" It would be a great evening to have either Iain Matthews or Andy Roberts perform. Put them together as Plainsong and add in the songs of Richard Farina and you enter a whole new musical dimension. It's surprising, if not a little disturbing, just how relevant Richard's songs remain today. Andy & Iain's interpretations of them will remain with you long after the applause has died down. "

Your can keep up with the full tour dates by visiting the Upcoming Gigs page. [ 26 June 2016 ]


The reviews of the CD have all been very encouraging and Boxpositive.
“The making of Reinventing Richard: The Songs of Richard Fariñia has clearly been a huge labour of love for Iain, Andy, Mark and everyone else involved; it’s to the credit of all concerned that the result is such a strong and vibrant collection that stands proudly in its own right and is an absolute pleasure to listen to.” Is what FolkRadio wrote about the new release.

REINVENTING FARINA, the new CD from Andy, Iain and Mark featuring songs of Richard Farina is now available. [ 12 March 2016 ]

Andy and Iain have announced details of a European and USA tour featuring material from their recent CD, REINVENTING RICHARD - the songs of Richard Farina. The tour kicks off in late March in the Netherlands and then moves across the Atlantic throughtout most of April. The UK dates will be in July before Iain and Andy head back to the USA in September. Mark Griffiths will be accompanying during the UK dates. The schedule is not yet finalised, so stay tuned for further additions. Your can keep up with the full tour dates by visiting the Upcoming Gigs page. [ 02 March 2016 ]

In the next few weeks will be changing our Hosting Servers. We hope that the transition is smooth and visitors won't notice a thing! However we apologies in advance if there are any hick-ups to normal service... [ 02 October 2015 ]

The reviews of the CD have all been very encouraging and positive.
“The making of Reinventing Richard: The Songs of Richard Fariña has clearly been a huge labour of love for Iain, Andy, Mark and everyone else involved; it’s to the credit of all concerned that the result is such a strong and vibrant collection that stands proudly in its own right and is an absolute pleasure to listen to.” Is what FolkRadio wrote about the new release.

REINVENTING FARINA, the new CD from Andy, Iain and Mark featuring songs of Richard Farina is now available. [ 12 September 2015 ]


It has always been a disappointment that my appearance on Cat Stevens’ album Teaser And The Firecat was uncredited.   After all it was in 1971, when I was at the start of my career still, and the record went on to triple platinum status (sales over 3,000,000 worldwide).   Steve apologised several years later, and it was easy to see how it happened.
READ MORE HERE [ 21 August 2015 ]


It has been announced that Andy and Iain's REINVENTING FARINA CD will be released in September. The CD will be released under the Plainsong banner and includes Griff (Mark Griffiths), who plays on the album. Andy is quoted as saying in the Press Release, “This has to be put out there as a Plainsong project. That’s the banner Iain and I sewed in 1972, under which we’ve forged and polished our musical relationship, and it’s where we’ve championed Richard Fariña’s songs for over 40 years.” The CD will be released simultanious in the USA on Omnivore Recordings and in the UK by Fledg'ling Records. 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of legendary singer-songwriter Richard Fariña’s death in a motorcycle accident. Stay tuned for more information which we will upload as it becomes available, and hopefully a sample track from the new CD. READ MORE HERE. [ 11 July 2015 ]


I have just rediscovered my multi-times read paperback copy of Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me, Richard Fariña’s first and only novel.   It was published in 1966, and is now available as a Penguin classic. It’s a story which will be repeated many times between now and April 30, 2016, which will mark the 50th anniversary of Richard’s death, how at the party to celebrate the hardback publication of his book, Richard was thrown from the back of a friend’s motorbike and killed instantly.   He was not even 2 months past his 29th birthday. READ MORE HERE. [ 14 January 2015 ]

Andy has written a piece about an unusual Martin guitar (see a picture in the side panel left) he acquired in 1981. "A strange instrument was leaning against a wall." You can also listen to the unique sound this guitar makes on a David Gilmour solo track, 'Cruise'.

With Andy performing a gig with Roger McGough on 14th September at The Rex in Berkhamstead, we thought we would add a recording of Andy and Roger during a WORDS ON THE RUN show from 1997. Andy accompanies Roger as he read 'Discretion'. LISTEN TO ANDY AND ROGER HERE. [15 August 2014]

We've added a few more gigs to the site, several 3 Boxes gigs in September and another Andy Roberts solo gig in Hove on 24th August. The saddest of news is that December will see the final gigs of Three Bonzos and a Piano. The band, still unique and in a class of their own, have decided to call it a day and will disband at the end of the year. CHECK OUT ALL THE GIGS HERE. [30 July 2014]

3Boxes are about to embark on their UK Spring tour. Andy, Clive and Mark will kick-off the tour on April 22nd at the Green Note in North West London and will also take in the Budleigh Guitar Festival later the same month. CHECK OUT THE TOUR DATES HERE. You can find out more and hear 3Boxes on their website. [25 February 2013]

3Boxes, the guitar trio formed by Andy Roberts, Clive Gregson and Mark Griffiths, have a couple of gigs this Autumn. The first is in Stroud this coming Friday (4th Oct). CHECK OUT ALL THE GIGS HERE. You can find out more and hear 3Boxes on their website. [29 September 2013]

We've added more gigs on the site, which includes several festival appearance and also a rare solo gig by Andy Roberts, on a support slot with Nick Harper. The gig is on 28th September at the Brunswick in Hove. CHECK OUT ALL THE GIGS HERE. [5 August 2013]

Andy and Hank will head out West to feature at this year’s Frome Festival. Featuring Hanks Quartet, with the one and only BJ Cole and Dusty Evsky.  Catch the unique sound of these yodelling, waltzing musicians on one of their rare trips to the West country. MORE ON THE UPCOMING GIGS PAGE HERE. [6 July 2013]

Hank Wangford and Brad Breath (Andy) will play the 600 seat Speigeltent at this year's Brighton Fringe Festival. The duo play Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May and will have BJ Cole and Jerry Rulf accompanying. MORE ON THE UPCOMING GIGS PAGE HERE. [18 April 2013]

BUBS WHITE - BONZO GUITARIST - another significant player passes
I heard on Saturday that Bubs White had died in hospital, in Coventry. We were introduced by Viv Stanshall – Bubs had been playing in bands with various of the Bonzos for over a year by then.  He and I toured together in Bonzo Dog Freaks in early 1971 – the band had a variable line-up, but Bubs and I had major roles to play alongside Viv..... READ MORE HERE. [22 January 2013]

ADRIAN HENRI - Poetry in Art Prize
Adrian Henri's 'poetry in Art Prize': Closing date 28th February.The closing date for the very first
'Adrian Henri Poetry in Art' award is fast approaching. The competition, to be held every two years, is open to British artists, makers and poets working in the visual arts including: two-dimensional, three-dimensional work and contemporary craft. Wenlock Poetry Festival ‘Adrian Henri Prize for Poetry in Art’ will be held from 6th to 20th April at the Twenty Twenty Gallery in Much Wenlock. The closing dates for entries is 28th February. You can find out more about the competition on the 'Adrian Henri Poetry in Art' website HERE. [18 January 2013]

BOB RONGA - a reminiscence
The news that Bobby died on 12 November 2012 only reached us a week ago.  Before I found it on Google I had only heard rumours that all was not well – we had heard he had been in hospital back in September when we were making our final shows in the UK, but I had no idea things were to end like this... READ MORE HERE. [16 January 2013]

gsWe documented Andy's affection for Glen Sherley's music on this website some years ago and have a page (link below) dedicated to the Glen Sherley story. Johnny Cash spotted Glen Sherley at Folsom Prison as a talented musician and songwriter and performed a song written by Sherley on the Folsom live album and subsequently fought to have him released. BBC Radio4 ran a programme recently highlighting Johnny Cash's work within the prison system in the States and in particular his work to try to get Sherley released. You can hear this programme on the BBC's iPlayer. HERE. [13 January 2013]

Bob Ronga in the back of the bus 1972.  Photo Credit: Andy RobertsBOB RONGA - passes
Andy has just found out the very sad news that Bob (Robert) Ronga, one of the original members of Plainsong, passed away in November. Bob was a session musician, a member of American Society of Composers and Publishers (ASCAP) and was currently working on a screenplay. As well as Plainsong and several of Andy Roberts solo albums, Bob also played with The Sutherland Brothers (Lifeboat), Marc Ellington and on Allan Taylor's album The Lady. Bob lived in New York with his wife and family. We will have a more comprehensive tribute here shortly. [05 January 2013]

Photo Credit: Simon Thackray

ANDY ROBERTS - plays in a famous shed!
Andy is sitting in with Hank Wangford's band, The Lost Cowboys, for the next few gigs. You can see the full list on the Upcoming Gigs page, and they include Hank's famous traditional gigs at The Shed, in Hovingham, on the 7th & 8th December. Andy will be re-united with BJ Cole, pedal steel guitar player, who is featured on Andy's solo albums Urban Cowboy and The Great Stampede. [28 November 2012]

PLAINSONG - Off to Japan
Plainsong in PapanNet Rhythms ran a lovely review of Plainsong's final CD, Fat Lady Singing, in their recent edition. You can read the full review on the album page [ here ]. The band will depart for Japan shortly to fulfill their final performances in Toyko. See Upcoming Gigs page for details. [14 October 2012]

PLAINSONG - back in the UK
After a brilliant Bob Harris Show session on Sunday morning and a successful European tour, Plainsong are back in the UK for their final few dates which end with the Union Chapel gig in London on Sunday (16th). Andy reports back that the "Europe gigs have been spectacular, with sell out shows and standing ovations" and that "the band are in remarkably good shape." See the Upcoming Gigs page for more information about the remaining gigs...[ here ] and don't forget to listen to Plainsong's session on BBC iPlayer on the BBC radio2 website [ here ]. [13 September 2012]

PLAINSONG - Sell-out gigs
The news from Europe is that Plainsong have kicked off the 'Fat Lady Singing' tour really well and are playing to sell-out houses every night and with enthusiastic audiences demanding standing ovations. Andy, Iain, Julian and Griff squeezed in a recording session for the Bob Harris Show before they left UK, and the recording will go out on Bob's Radio2 Sunday morning show (00.00hrs!) on the 9th September - that's next Sunday.  See the Upcoming Gigs page for more information [ here ]. [29 August 2012]

PLAINSONG - Photos added
We've added a few photographs of Plainsong at the opening night (Goldmark Gallery - Uppingham) of their final tour. The band are currently touring Europe and Andy Roberts at Uppingham 2012. Photo Credit: Paul Caryreach these shores for their remaining UK dates on the 13th September at Gateshead. The other dates include South Petherton, Rye Festival and Union Chapel in London. Tickets are selling fast so hurry if you'd like to see this outstanding band on their final tour. See the Upcoming Gigs page for more information and the Music page for photos [ here ]. [29 August 2012]

Plainsong first gig of the tour at Uppingham 22 August 2012Plainsong will do a session for the Bob Harris Show on BBC's Radio2. The session is due for airing on Bob's show on the 9th September. See the Upcoming Gigs page for more information
[ here ]. [23 August 2012]

PLAINSONG - big in japan
Plainsong in PapanA couple of dates on the on the Plainsong tour of Japan are confirmed. They will play Zher the ZOO YOYOGI in Toyko on the 20th and 21st October. Plainsong's farewell tour begins next Wednesday at the Goldmark Gallery in Uppingham. See the Upcoming Gigs page for more information [ here ]. [19 August 2012]

Urban Cowboy Andy's URBAN COWBOY will be released on 24th September on Fledg’ling Records. The CD, which comes complete with a 12 page booklet,
( worth buying just for Andy's reminiscences from those heady days in the early 1970s!: Webweaver ) has been digitally remastered from the original studio tapes. You can pre-order from your favourite on-line seller or better still, buy direct from Andy on the
Plainsong tour. [09 August 2012]

Plainsong's new (and farewell) album, Fat Lady Singing.FAT LADY SINGING will be released on Blue Rose Records on 17th August. The new CD, recordings from a live set before an invited audience in Holland in 2003. The CD features 19 songs which span the life of this wonderful band. You can hear a few of the tracks on front page and on the Plainsong page (here). [30 July 2012]

Plainsong's new (and farewell) album, Fat Lady Singing.The release of FAT LADY SINGING is due shortly on Blue Rose Records. The supporting tour will take in several UK and European Festivals and visit venues across the UK between August and September. 2012 is the 40th anniversary of Andy Roberts and Iain Matthews forming Plainsong and the release of the legendary ‘Amelia Earhart’ album. As a tribute to the 40 years since the original line-up, Iain, Andy, Julian and Griff are to make a farewell tour in 2012, and to release this live album, capturing all those unmistakable Plainsong vocal harmonies, Julian’s evocative harmonica, Griff’s searing fretless bass, Andy’s Appalachian dulcimer and bouzouki, all in support of Iain’s soaring voice. [19 July 2012]

URBAN COWBOY - CD release imminent
Urban Cowboy - CD coming soon... Andy Roberts 1973 album URBAN COWBOY will be released on CD in the coming weeks. The release, which has been digitally re-mastered from the original master tapes, will also include a booklet. No date has been set yet but the CD will be available to buy when Andy tours with Plainsong during the late summer. More news as we have it... [20 June 2012]


A sample track from the new CD 'Fat Lady Singing' - Old Man At The Mill. Catch the UK and European tour dates on the Upcoming Gigs page [ here ]


A long time in the making, we are pleased to announce a new website dedicated to the memory of Adrian Henri, Painter, Poet and frontman for the poetry & rock band The Liverpool Scene. John Peel called Adrian “one of the great non-singers of our time. ” The live performances of The Liverpool Scene were legendary and they were one of the hardest working bands playing the college circuit, and in 1969 supported Led Zeppelin on a UK tour. Find out more about Adrian at <>


The dates for this year's Plainsong tour are firming up and we've added known venues to the Upcoming Gigs page [ here ]. The tour will take in several UK and European Festivals and visit venues across the UK between August and September. 2012 is the 40th anniversary of Andy Roberts and Iain Matthews forming Plainsong and the release of the legendary ‘Amelia Earhart’ album. 


2012 will be the 40th anniversary of Andy Roberts and Iain Matthews forming Plainsong with Dave Richards and Bob Ronga and also the release of the legendary ‘Amelia Earhart’ album. 

To celebrate, the band will be releasing a live studio album, ‘Fat Lady Singing’ (on the Blue Rose label) and touring Europe in August and September.  The sad news is that this will be a farewell tour for Plainsong, as it has become harder to pin down the four current members in one place, let alone schedule dates for touring.   For those fans who have loved Plainsong’s unique sound for forty years and those who have never seen Iain, Andy, Griff and Julian perform together, next year’s tour represents a final chance to say goodbye to what Melody Maker described as “quite simply and without hype: a supergroup”.

3 Boxes
The new guitar trio, featuring Andy, Clive Gregson and Mark Griffiths play their first dates this coming weekend. On Friday they play Ecton, Colchester and Hitchin and then they fly to the Madame Guitar Festival in Italy. You can listen to 3Boxes and catch up with the latest news on: or check out the Upcoming Gigs page here.

BBC is to mark the 40th anniversary of this ground breaking show with a 16-part radio series featuring some of the classic performances, as well as new performances from artists associated with the show.
Andy Roberts and Iain Matthews, founders of Plainsong, recently recorded several tracks which will broadcast on the 31st August on BBC Radio2. CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE

Front cover of the Liverpool Daily PostLIVERPOOL EVERYMAN'S final curtain call....
"Memories – both happy and sad – were the order of the evening as Liverpool’s most famous poets joined the ranks of those paying their respects to the current Everyman...."
ran the headline in Liverpools Daily Post after Roger McGough and Brian Patten accompanied by Andy played their final gig at the Everyman Theatre, previously Hope Hall, a venue steeped in history for the Mersey Poets and The Liverpool Scene.

Andy also performed a song from his first musical, 'Mind Your Head', written with Adrian Mitchell and premiered at the Everyman in the early-70s.

And we make no apologies for quoting the newspaper once again... "The new Everyman could learn a lot from studying these modern-day troubadors – changed on the outside but, inside, still displaying the same heart."


Andy and Iain Matthews will perform together for a Bob Harris Radio2 show on 29th June. Stay tuned and we'll put up the broadcast date as soon as we know it!

Live fast, die young where did it all go wrong?
Andy Roberts will appear at an evening of poems and music at Liverpool's Everyman Theatre, with Roger McGough and Brian Patten.

Monday, June 20th: 7.30pm. Tickets

3Boxes video shot
The new video for "Wranglin", the first track on the upcoming 3 Boxes album - STRINGS ATTACHED has been posted to YouTube. Click HERE to take a look... You can also check out their new website - HERE.

We hinted a while back that Andy would have some exciting projects this year. 3 BOXES is a new trio featuring Andy Roberts, Clive Gregson and Mark Griffiths, all old stable mates from various incarnations of Plainsong. The new trio has already recorded an album, produced by John Wood (Fairport Convention, Nick Drake, etc..) for release shortly and earlier this month flew to Los Angeles to shoot a promotional video directed by Nigel Dick (Oasis, Nickelback, Guns n' Roses etc..). Their new website is up and running - TAKE A LOOK HERE. Stay tuned for more information...

Over the weekend Andy attended a BBC recording of a Celebration of the Life and Works of Adrian Henri. The radio show was curated by Catherine Marcangeli, Adrian's partner, and presented by Roger Philips (BBC) and is due for transmission this Christmas. The programme featured lots of Adrian's friends and colleagues and live music, including a version of '64', (Andy's tribute to 64 Canning Place in Liverpool), accompanied by Alan Peters on 'gob iron'. Watch out for the show on BBC radio and iPlayer. (14th Nov 2010)

This November Hank will turn 70 before his time so the rest of the world can feel twenty years younger.  He will celebrate his 70th birthday weekend with two very special gigs.  In West London on Sunday 14th November he will be at the Half Moon Putney for his Birthday Prequel and on Monday 15th November Hank will celebrate his Actual Birthday in his homeland North London at the O2 Academy in Islington.  On both nights he will have a clutch of special guests including the legendary Brad Breath – Andy Roberts – who will be yodelling into your hearts and offering you a Glimpse of Gloom on both nights.

November edition of SHINDIG

SHINDIG music magazine
Andy is featured in the latest edition of SHINDIG talking about his early solo career and "groundbreaking fusion of jazz, rock, R&B, poetry and performance, The Liverpool Scene (who) were one of the truly unique bands to emerge from the incredible creative melting pot of the late '60s." Andy chats with Colin Hall and Jeff Penczak.


Hank Wangford & Brad Breath (aka Andy Roberts) kick off their nationwide (actually Dorset county to begin with!) NO HALL 2 SMALL tour this weekend with gigs in Puddletown (Friday), Ibberton (Saturday), and Wootton Fitzpaine (Sunday). Catch them both at a gig near you. MORE GIG INFO HERE


“In the week that sees the start of the more regular outings for Hank Wangford and Brad Breath (we’ve done a few one-offs over the summer, nothing more) I thought I’d set down a few musings that might be of interest, and slightly relevant!   Now bear with me...

Three Bonzos and a piano... plus Andy Roberts trek to GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL
Three Bonzos and a piano, those old men who should know better, travel to the fields (now looking decidedly green and lush) of Glastonbury for the 40th Festival. This year the boys will be on the Theatre and Circus fields, so catch them if you can - Sunday 27th June. This will be Andy Roberts 40th year also, as he's played Glastonbury since 1970, with different bands and poets. Have a good Festival

PEAVEY PA for Hank & Brad
Hank Wangford and Brad Breath are busy preparing for their opening gig, at the Ram Club in Claygate, and rehearsals are going really well and sounding good. Andy said, "The PA system, which we have been loaned by Peavey for an extended period, was fantastic – Peavey have been supremely generous with us. The sound is full and crystal clear. Hank and I are having a lot of fun!"

Three Bonzos and a piano... plus Andy Roberts trek to GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL
As well as the gigs in May, June sees Three Bonzos and a piano, those old men who should know better, travel to the green fields (or brown and wet - take your pick) of Glastonbury for the 40th Festival. This year the boys will be on the Theatre and Circus fields, so catch them if you can - Sunday 27th June. Andy thinks he deserves a long service medal as he's played Glastonbury since 1970, firstly with Adrian Henri, Roy Harper, Hank Wangford and in 1993 on the main pyramid stage with... wait for it...Rolf Harris!!

Tribute to the 96...
You will have seen that once again, we have added our tribute to the 96 Liverpool football fans who lost their lives at Hillsborough on 15th April 1989 and their families. This year marks the 21st anniversary of the disaster.

The poem 'The Bell' was written by Adrian Henri, a life-long Liverpool FC supporter, in the days that followed the tragedy, and the performance reading is accompanied by Andy on guitar. Adrian Henri's partner, Catherine Marcangeli, has given permission for the poem to be reproduced on the website.