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On these pages we plan to include 'Stuff' such as older interviews with Andy and details of tours and Andy's recollections of some of the great musicians he's worked with...

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The purchase order for the Giffen which David Gilmour had made.

Martin rear view on stand.
The rear view of the Martin Prototype

Andy playing the Martin Solidbody Prototype
Andy playing the Martin Solidbody Prototype (Huber Martin Shithammer)

Martin Head End
The Martin Head End

Martin Pick-up Selectors

View of David Gilmour's Giffin pick-ups

Giffen rear view
The rear view of David Gilmour's Giffin

View of David Gilmour's Giffin pick-ups




(Huber Martin Shithammer copy!)


David Gilmour is selling 120+ of his guitars in aid of charity, at Christie’s in New York in June.

" Lot 48 is this one, which you may recognise.   Firstly, it is referred to as BRAD’S MARTIN COPY in the text.   This is because when I worked with the Floyd there was already an Andy in the band – Andy Bown was the surrogate bass player.   He used to be in the Herd (with Peter Frampton and Gary Taylor, the original Hank Wangford bassist), and has been the piano player in Status Quo for 40 years.   So everyone, band and crew called me Brad (because I was in my first period of being Brad Breath with Hank)! "

" Secondly, they seem to be relying on my history (read the original article Andy wrote in 2014) to set the story of the origin of this guitar, which you have had on our site for years, as part of the provenance, so it might be time for us to flag that up as a leading news item again.   In any case it is fun to be associated with a big news making event.   David isn’t selling the original, which I gave him in 2015, so that shows how much he prizes it.   He gave me a fabulous amp in return. "

CHRISTIES ONLINE CATALOGUE: ! LINK 1 ! LINK 2 ! - Click' LOT ESSAY' to open the full descriptions.



Below: The copy (left) alongside Andy's original Martin 'Shithammer', now owned by David Gilmour.

Images/guitars/Giffin on the left and Martin on the right