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Andy Roberts: A rare solo gig at The brunswick in Hove, 24th August 2014

Budliegh Guitar Festival

Weyfest poster: 1st September 2013

Rumble on the beach - Brighton 25th August

Frome Ole Opry: Saturday 13 July 2013

High in the Saddle at Brighton festival.  Hank & Brad

Plainsong in Papan

Plainsong's new (and farewell) album, Fat Lady Singing.

Urban Cowboy

Check out Andy playing his big green Gretsch with Hank at a recent Hank and Brad gig.


Andy's guitar trio - 3BOXES - plan to tour extensively in 2012. Check out their unique sound here.








Summer with Monica
Andy Roberts, RogerMcGough,
with Ensemble 10/10 conducted by Peter Davidson

Summer with Monika
And now an extra date - 16th July added due to huge demand
Music Room, Liverpool Philharmonic, Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BP
Box Office: 0151 709 3789

'I spent the summer with Monika and Monika spent the summer with me'.

Roger McGough’s magical, iconic tale of love was published in 1967 and subsequently scored and released on record with music by composer and guitarist Andy Roberts. Now, for the 50th anniversary, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra’s new music group, Ensemble 10/10, will play Robert’s original arrangements as McGough reads his epic poem, and will also feature more of his classic poetry set alongside other music. Roger McGough has quite rightly has been called Liverpool’s own Poet Laureate and these shows also feature more of his classic poetry set to music.





7th Saturday