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Vilentine's day gig at the Half Moon Putney

Andy Roberts: A rare solo gig at The brunswick in Hove, 24th August 2014

Budliegh Guitar Festival

Weyfest poster: 1st September 2013

Rumble on the beach - Brighton 25th August

Frome Ole Opry: Saturday 13 July 2013

High in the Saddle at Brighton festival.  Hank & Brad

Plainsong in Papan

Plainsong's new (and farewell) album, Fat Lady Singing.

Urban Cowboy

Check out Andy playing his big green Gretsch with Hank at a recent Hank and Brad gig.


Andy's guitar trio - 3BOXES - plan to tour extensively in 2012. Check out their unique sound here.









Wednesday 14th 
Valentines Day Special!

The Wangford Bass Combo
Special Guest  Brad Breath
Half Moon Putney
93 Lower Richmond Road  SW15 1EU
Happy Valentines Day with Hank & The Wangford Bass Combo?
I don't think so - more like Vilentines Day.
Brad Breath (Andy Roberts) joins the Bass Combo for some special cardiac massage with his peerless Glimpse of Gloom.

Or phone 020 8780 9383 
Tickets £10 Advance £12 On door