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Andy Roberts appeared on several compilation albums in the early 1970s including the highly collectable 49 GREEK STREET from 1970 and the 4 CD boxed set ANTHEMS IN EDEN (an anthology of British and Irish folk music) from 2006.

Andy Roberts prior to Paris gig in 2009

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Andy playing his Gretsch guitar circa 1973





Two CD set released in Japan on the Vinyl Japan label. A sampler Cd whoich contains tracks released on other Vinyl Japan CDs. POison Apple Lady is here by Andy from the Cut-Outs release. [ more info here ]


Five CD set that highlights the absolute finest recordings for the Elektra label during their first decade: 1963-73. Andy is featured on two tracks: True Story Of Amelia Earhart - Plainsong and All Around My Grandmother's Floor.  If anybody buys this set (originally priced at over £100 - now about £30) and would like to send me scans of the booklet etc., I would be extremely grateful! [ more info here ]

The Golden Age of Elektra

THE ANTHEMS IN EDEN | Sanctuary CMXBX1030 | 2006

A boxed set Anthems in Eden - an anthology of British and Irish folk music - released in January 2006. This 4 Cd set contains Andy's 'I've Seen The Movie'. 'Knowing The Game' from Iain Matthew is also included and tracks from Sandy Roberton's September Productions stable include Synanthesia, Keith Christmas and Shelagh McDonald. .[ more info here ]

Antehms in Eden

THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY | Elektra K22005 | 1973

A cracking album from Elektra, containing tracks from Andy, Iain (Ian) Matthews and Plainsong. The Great Stampede from Andy, These Days, off Valley Hi (K42144) from Iain and Goodnight Loving Trail, which wouldn't appear again until the Plainsong III album was released as 'And That's That' on Taxim in 1992. Other gems are The Doors and Carly Simon. [ more info here ]

The One That Got Away

CLUB FOLK VOLUME 2 | Peg Records PS3 | 1972

Club Folk - Volume 2 has a track from Andy's RCA Home Grown album - 'Where the Soul of Man Never Dies'. This sampler has the same liner notes as Volume 1. Also on the album are 'All around my Grandmother's Floor', sung by Nadia Cattouse and 'Yawny Morning Song' by Mike Hart. [ more info here ]

Club Folk Volume 2

CLUB FOLK VOLUME 1 | Peg Records PS2 | 1972

Club Folk has two tracks from Andy - the beautiful 'Autumn to May', and 'Jello', taken from RCA Home Grown album (SF 8086). There is also a Mike Hart (from The Liverpool Scene) track, Disbelief Blues taken from Mike Hart Bleeds, on Dandelion Records. [ more info here ]

Club Folk Volume 1

CLOGS | Peg Records PS1 | 1972

A sampler from Peg Records with two tracks from Andy - 'Richmond', previously unreleased, and 'Welcome Home' from the Nina and the Dream Tree album. Also featured are Steeleye Span, Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick, Shelagh McDonald, and Tim Hart and Maddy Prior. A good album, produced by Sandy Roberton and with Sleeve notes by Karl Dallas. [ more info here ]


49 GREEK STREET | RCA SF8118 | 1970

I'm grateful to Dave Roberts for the information and image of this album. 49 Greek Street, was the address of a famous music venue years ago, Les Cousins. Plainsong played there in 1972. Produced by Sandy Roberton, this album has contributions from Mike Hart, Nadia Cattouse, Keith Christmas and 'Untitled Piece' from Andy. The backing band also featured Ashley Hutchings, Danny Thompson and Larry Steele amongst others. Now available on CD. [ more info here ]

49 Greek Street