The Liverpool Scene. Photo Credit: Don McCullin
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The band were ahead of their time, wonderfully weaving together music, poetry and satirical humour.

Liverpool Scene were absolutely brilliant live and were one of the busiest bands in the country and a huge favourite of college audiences. The band broke up in 1970.

The Liverpool Scene re-formed around 1974 with Dave Richards on bass and Mike Kellie on drums and played a short tour of the UK.

link Andy's Solo Career

Article from UNCUT magazine

Christmas photo of the Liverpool Scene in 1969






the amazing adventures of...

The Amazing Adventures of .... THE LIVERPOOL SCENE
  • CD One
  1. Love Is
  2. Batpoem
  3. Son, Son
  4. Tramcar To Frankenstein
  5. The Woo Woo
  6. Burdock River Run
  7. Happy Burial Blues
  8. Universes
  9. I'm Just A Simple Boy
  10. Baby
  11. Percy Parslow's Hamster Farm
  12. Bomb Commercials
  13. Elsie Straws Saga
  14. Wildwest
  15. Colours
  16. Gliders, Parks
  17. Love Story
  • CD Two
  1. The Entry Of Christ Into Liverpool
  2. We'll All Be Spacemen Before We Die
  3. Human Tapeworm
  4. The Morning The Sky Went Away
  5. Mental Astronaut
  6. See The Conkering Heroine Comes
  7. Winter Poem
  8. Come Into The Perfumed Garden, Maud
  9. The Raven
  10. The Only Thing It Needed Was You
  11. I've Got These Fleetwood Mac, Chicken Shack, John Mayall, Can't Fail Blues
  12. 64
  13. Night Song
  14. G.B.S. Blues
  15. Made In USA
  16. Rainbow Poem
Andy Roberts
Adrian Henri
Mike Evans
Mike Hart
Percy Jones
Brian Dodson
John Peel
Sandy Roberton and Liverpool Scene