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Plainsong were the closest the UK ever came to producing a rival to the Flying Burrito Brothers and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, a gloriously harmonic marriage of olde English folk, Appalachian gospel and dustbowl travelogues.

link Andy's Solo Career

Plainsong 1972-ish

Amelia sticker which came with the publicity pack

PLainsong as a duo in 2001

Plainsong at Birmingham's MAC in 2003

Andy Roberts and Iain Matthews playing at Queens College Bristol in 2001

Andy, Iain, Julian and Andy Metcalfe during recording for Pangolins

Andy and Iain



Voices Electric

Voices Electric
Line Records
  • Compact Disk
1 Gravy Train (Dawson)
2 Unreal Dreams ( Matthews)
3 Where the Coyotes Roam (Matthews)
4 Steal that Beat (Dawson)
5 The rat and the Snake (Germino)
6 Lost John (trad. Roberts)
7 Anything with Wheels (Williams, Dawson)
8 Galway to Graceland (Thompson)
9 Voices (Matthews)
10 Gunga Din (Parsons)
11Christoforo's eyes (Matthews)
12 The Clearances ( Dawson)
13 William's canon (Griffiths)
14 It's not just the Stars (Roberts)
Andy Roberts
Iain Matthews
Mark Griffiths
Julian Dawson
Mark Hallman
Mark Hallman