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Reniventing Richard - The Songs of Richard Farina



Reniventing Richard - The Songs of Richard Farina

Reninventing the Songs of Richard Farina
Fledg'ling Records
FLED 3098
  • Compact Disk
1 The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood (Prelude)
2 Pack Up Your Sorrows
3 Sell-Out Agitation Waltz
4 One Way Ticket
5 Another Country
6 Lemonade Lady
7 Mainline Prosperity Blues
8 The Falcon
9 Almond Joy
11 Hard Loving Loser
12 Michael, Andrew and James
13 Children of Darkness
14 Reflections In A Crystal Wind
15 Sombre Winds
16 The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood (Conclusion)

Andy Roberts
Iain Matthews
Mark Griffiths


The track 'Another Country' was recorded and mixed by John Wood, and originally released on the Plainsong album
New Place Now.