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Andy Roberts produced a string of highly regarded and critically acclaimed solo albums during the 1970's in addition to his involvement with Plainsong, Grimms, The Liverpool Scene, and collaborations with Everyone and Yellow Dog. Several 'Best Of' compilations were released in the 1980's and the Mooncrest CD in 1994, culminating in the 'Just For The Record - the solo anthology', put together with Andy's full co-operation in 2006.

Andy Roberts prior to Paris gig in 2009

link Andy's Solo Career

Andy playing his Gretsch guitar circa 1973

h guitar circa 1973

Andy Roberts soslo on tour in 200* with Roy Harper

Andy in Morocco in 1974


Home Grown

Strange Days Records WAS 1041 CD | 2007

1 Home Grown (Roberts)
2 Just for the Record (Roberts)
3 Applecross (Roberts)
4 The Praties are Dug (Trad Arr-Roberts)
5 John the Revelator (Trad Arr - Roberts)
6 Autumn to May (Yarrow, Stookey)
7 Moths and Lizards in Detroit (Roberts)
8 Creepy John (Koerner)
9 Jello (Darlington)
10 Gig Song (Roberts)
11 Queen of the Moonlight World (Roberts)
12 Where the Soul of Man Never Dies  (Trad Arr - Roberts)
13 The One-Armed Boatman and the Giant Squid (Roberts)
14 Boris at the Organ (Roberts)

15 Lonely in the Crowd (Roberts)

Roger Powell
Mike 'Ace' Evans
Gordon Huntley
Ian Whiteman
Dave Palmer - Arrangements
Sandy Roberton